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Get one on one with KASANDRA - Spirituality & Religion and I-Ching in Brooklyn right now. 14 years of career in I-Ching.

About KASANDRA's Services:

spiritual guide, supernatural abilities, medium, channeling, healer, card reading, I-ching, Feng-Shui and psychotherapist


At the beginning of a session I will ask you to give me your name and d.o.b.
Your openness and trust in me, gives me the permission and access to your soul’s energy and enables me to give you the guidance you are asking for.
The more open and clear you will be, the easier I can tune into you and offer you the guidance you are seeking.
It is also very important that you interact with me in as much as you feel comfortable, to ask me what things mean or for clarification.
I need your feedback to make sure that all the messages were understood in depth.


Your expectations might be that I will tell you what you already know, or that I will just give you predictions about your future. Predictions, however, are of limited value by themselves, and must be considered in context to the present.
A good reading is intended to tell you more about yourself as you are now, rather than what will happen in the future. The real value lies in my helping you understand yourself, your current situation, and the problems or conflicts you might be experiencing.
As a responsible reader, I will not make decisions for you, but will give you vital information that will aid you in making informed decisions.
The reading may reinforce something you already know about yourself, or rekindle an ambition you had given up.
A Tarot reading and psychic consultation is an excellent opportunity to look at your problem or question in a totally new light and to help you find creative solutions.

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