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Very Intuitive I-ching expert and also a Top-rated Spiritual Advisor - *** Usually here from 02.30 am EST to 12 noon EST.***

I`m very intuitive and a born Clairvoyant, I can sense all your issues/situations and resolve them instantly as you talk to me Live on here. I can heal your inner vibrations too. I`m also a Top-rated Spiritual Advisor helping you discover the purpose of your life and Karma in this lifetime and beyond ! I provide you accurate guidance in every imaginable sphere of your life. I can actually make your life better in every possible way. I can sense your PERSONAL WINNING NUMBERS in Lotteries/Cash Games, those that would give you the requisite benefits in terms of your Karma too. Winning is all about getting the right vibrations to work for you ! That's not difficult if you ask me... I would feel honored to be of some help to you!

Experience & Qualifications

I have an extensive research in Psychic & Paranormal vibrations. I have actually seen the "Light" and that has helped me enrich the lives of others as well as myself. I have received a lot of appreciation for my good work. I have been featured in many lifestyle shows on Television and my healing Work in paranormal and allied esoteric sciences has healed many.


I'm born psychic. I sense accurately resolving your issues / situations using Psychic vibrations and healing. At times to double-check some of your problematic issues/situations I use a combination of Psychic Reading and other mystic sciences such as Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Dream Analysis, Fortune-telling, Crystal Ball, Spell Casting, Mind-reading and Auric body readings and several other powerful yet lesser-known advanced predictive methods and techniques, to arrive at a more solid conclusion.

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